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Let's decide which binding method best suits your project

What is PUR binding?

PUR binding is a method of adhesive book binding used here at UK Book Binders. It is renowned for its strong, durable finish. The adhesive used for PUR binding is polyurethane reactive (hence PUR).

A layer of adhesive is spread across the spine, with a cover mounted over the top to bind the sections to the cover.

What is perfect binding?

Much the same as PUR binding, the process is the same, but the difference is the adhesives used. Perfect binding employs ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesives – considered weaker than polyurethane reactive (PUR).

There are two key factors involved in deciding upon PUR binding or perfect binding.

  1. Performance

  2. Budget


There is no doubting the superior performance of PUR binding over than of perfect binding. Indeed, perfect binding is becoming less popular due to its comparative disadvantages. Perhaps one of the suitable times for a perfect bound project is extremely long runs in which the next factor comes into play…


If you are binding in the tens of thousands, you might consider going down the perfect binding route, and taking a small saving. For what is worth, in our view, PUR binding is the best road to go down. We can provide quotes on both so you can determine whether the saving is worthwhile.

Fortunately, at UK Book Binders, we can offer PUR binding from £75 if supplied as collated book blocks, find out more by contacting us.

You can see our PUR binding machines here.

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