PUR Binding

What is PUR binding?

PUR binding is a method of book binding using PolyUrethane Reactive (PUR) glue. It is renowned for its strong, durable finish.

A layer of adhesive is spread across the spine, with a cover mounted over the top to bind the sections to the cover.

If your document is too thick for saddle stitching or you’re after the traditional book format, PUR binding is the perfect option. This method creates a solid, book that’s easier to read and annotate than other options. It’s professional in appearance and incredibly cost-effective, even for low quantities.

All trade binding will be bound with PUR; compared to the cheaper EVA, it’s considerably more resilient to the environment, handling, and storage.

Should your book feature extensive colour work on its cover, particularly around the edges, we recommend laminating the covers. This process is essential to protect against wear and tear from frequent handling and ensure your book remains in good condition.

Benefits of PUR Binding

PUR bonds differently with paper than EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). PUR adhesives cure by cross-linking via a chemical reaction with moisture in the paper stock or the surrounding air. As the PUR adhesive dries, a natural chemical reaction occurs after the glue is exposed to moisture in the air. This chemical reaction creates a superior bond within the fibres of the paper, giving the product a greater pull and flex strength.

This means that PUR-bound books are very durable—pulling a page from the bound book is almost impossible. PUR also allows the books to be laid flat when opened. It's a reliable glue for a wider range of stocks; it works well even with thick, glossy-coated paper.

Finally, PUR-bound books will last even under extreme temperatures.

We recommend PUR for any job printed on coated paper or heavy uncoated stock and on higher-value, digitally printed books that must last longer than regular books.

For example, full-colour children's books printed on 150 gsm coated paper should be bound using PUR glue to ensure the binding lasts.


We have three binding lines to cater to the growing digital market. These include a BQ-270, BQ-470, and a Digibook Mitabind. These machines are perfect for jobs supplied as collated book blocks.

Our set-up is £75, and the unit cost is 25p per book - this is set pricing, irrespective of pagination or dimensions.


Max book size: 300 x 300mm

​Min book size: 145 x 105mm

​Max book thickness: 60mm

​Min book thickness: 2mm (16pp on 190gsm uncoated)

To learn more about PUR binding, please visit our PUR binding page