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Benefits of Thread Sewn Binding

When considering which binding style to go for, it is important to consider what the book is to be used for. If you are producing a long-life book of high quality, that can also open flat, you may be considering thread sewn binding. We would agree that this is a sound choice.

Generally, rating of strength for soft cover publications goes as:

  1. Thread sewing

  2. PUR bound

  3. Perfect bound

While PUR bound books are sturdy, thread sewn books offer an extra layer of security and are therefore often used for publications such as Annual Reports, Catalogues and Brochures.

Thread sewn books also have the added benefit of laying flat.

✓ Sturdy and durable

✓ Opens flat

How do we produce thread sewn books?

From folded sections, we use thread (available in a selection of colours) to sew the sheets together. The resulting book block then has hot-melt glue applied to the spine, the cover drawn on before being trimmed on three sides.

If your job is to Case Bound, we produce a thread sewn book block. To see the full process for how we produce Case Bound books, click here!

Still not sure which style of binding best suits your needs? Talk to us and we'll be happy to talk you through it.

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