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Short Run Digital Book Printing vs. Print on Demand should not be confused with print on demand (good for reducing wholesale inventory, but at a high cost per copy). Order a minimum of 50 books from and you will pay a low unit price, in the same ballpark as longer-run litho (and we don’t levy annual server storage charges).

The unit price gets progressively better as you approach 750 books, but from then on the per-copy savings are modest. Given the current economic difficulties, why gamble on a four-digit printing run (which may or may not sell) when you can order batches of a few hundred copies at a time for a not-dissimilar unit cost? We are also happy to print books and booklets for small orders (under 50 copies) but the unit cost is greater.

No More Unnecessary Shipping and Pulping – Good for the balance sheet and the environment

We’ve all been seduced by low run-on costs and then ended up with excess stock. With short-run digital book printing, you only print the number you can be sure of selling over the next few months – no more wasteful trucking and pulping. This is of particular value to overseas publishers with UK distribution (who also benefit from the current weakness of the UK currency).


All book printing will be on our latest sheet-fed presses, thereby avoiding the problems of low-resolution digital web books (poor-quality halftones and over-dark text). presses are tuned to emulate litho; in fact, our halftones, produced with the latest generation of emulsion aggregate (EA) toners, are arguably better than offset printing on lighter-weight uncoated book paper (request brochure with examples), which in turn can lead to significant savings on paper and mailing charges.

Paper Stock

All books are printed on FSC-certified publishing grades: 80gsm/100gsm Opaque  or Munken Volume 18 bookwove (available in white or cream) and 240 gsm card (covers). Recycled, heavyweight and other speciality papers are also available, please enquire for prices and samples.

Calculating Your Spine Width

An automatic spine width computation aid is embedded in our online pricing calculator.