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Providing strength and durability to printed media, UK Book Binders thermal lamination films have gained a reputation for quality over the last several years since we took delivery of our brand new Komfi laminator. Ideal for single and double-sided lamination, the film is perfect for a wide range of applications including book covers and jackets, magazines, brochures, maps, gift wrap, calendars, point of sale material, and more.

Also known as dry lamination, the film is applied to the substrate using only pressure and heat to activate the adhesive. This allows a wide range of "film to film" and "film to foil" applications.

We provide the following finishes:

  • Gloss lamination

  • Matt lamination

  • Anti-scuff lamination

  • Soft-touch lamination

  • DigiStick matt lamination

  • DigiStick gloss lamination

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Gloss lamination really helps bring the colour of your print to life and make it POP! Gloss is definitely a solid choice for photo-heavy artwork and book covers in general.

Gloss lamination is a durable choice of laminate. It repels dirt, dust, and fingerprints perhaps better than its counterparts. This laminate is designed to be easily wiped, so if your laminate does come into contact with dust or other dirt, it is easy to wipe clean!

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Matt lamination is an ideal choice of laminate for document covers and posters. It really does help to enhance colour and provide that extra durability.
Matt lamination gives a subtle, tactile effect that oozes quality, great for items where image and first impressions mean everything. Whilst forming a protective coating over the print, it does not provide the same level of protection as gloss lamination and can be prone to scratching and fingerprints especially where folding is involved.

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Anti scuff lamination is a great choice for long life-span products, such as menus. This is a high-quality laminate, meaning durability is at its heart. The visual impact of dirty fingerprints will be greatly reduced and leave your product retaining its clean appearance. This finish is ideal for a heap of products, namely brochures, folders, and menus. Anything you need to retain a clean appearance over a long time!

Due to the anti-marking powers of anti-scuff, it works especially well on dark print areas which can be prone to marketing and scratching.

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Yes, you guessed it, the texture of this laminate is… soft!
This is certainly a premium laminate, it has an almost moleskin leather feel. So if your product is going to be heavily touched, like a business card, then this would be a fantastic option.

pur binding


These films are specially designed for optimal adhesion to substrates which are printed using digital technology and digital inks. They have an adhesive or resin of a low melting point on their inner side. This enables the film to adhere to the paper substrate by applying heat and pressure using appropriate laminating equipment. The adhesive melts as it bonds to the substrate.

Films with digital adhesives are also particularly suitable for complex Offset jobs that use a large amount of pigment or ink. In these cases, a conventional thermal film would not have the required bonding strength.


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